• North Harbour Club GM Erin Marmont

Warm welcome to Club GM

Stepping into the role of General Manager of North Harbour Club has largely been done through a screen for Erin Marmont. Taking over the reins from Christie Stewart in October meant meetings were held online and in-person catch ups had to be pushed back. “I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in person and really getting to know them,” she smiles, two months into the role.

Erin has an events management background, having worked in Auckland Council’s Major Events Team, Northport Events and as Auckland Outboard Boating Club’s events manager for eight years. She’s pleased to be now working on this side of the bridge, in a role that reflects plenty of her professional experience.

A registered marriage celebrant for over 11 years, Erin has married over 400 couples in ceremonies around New Zealand.  It’s a role she loves to fulfil, especially through the summer months. There have been many memorable marriages she’s had the honour of officiating, one being a wedding on Milford Beach. She laughs at having had to battle through food poisoning to conduct the ceremony. “I managed to conceal it somehow and not cause any worry to the bride and groom during the ceremony, despite being really ill before and after. And I even got three later referrals from that wedding!”

Erin has lived on the Shore, in Hauraki Corner, since 2006 and has two children Kobi, 11, and Arlo, 9. She enjoys the local neighbourhood and is involved in the Hauraki School community. “I’ve got a really strong friend base, made up of many of the school mums,” she says.

Growing up in Howick and attending Macleans College, Erin travelled and worked overseas for 10 years before settling on the Shore. She loves the coastal lifestyle and savours her morning walks on Takapuna Beach.

Since the easing of lockdown restrictions, Erin has tried to catch up with as many Club members as she can and is enjoying working alongside recent Club administration recruit, Jodie Rawle. She looks forward to meeting many more Club members, sponsors and previous AIMES winners face-to-face at upcoming events.

First up is the Lexus of North Shore Lunch on February 11, featuring Shore resident and Oscar winner Dr Mark Sagar, founder of Artificial Intelligence-focused company, Soul Machines. Sagar won an Oscar for his engineering work on a facial rendering system used to create realistic digital characters in Spider-Man 2. It is technology that was later used in Superman Returns, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Avatar.

Next on the radar will be the Club’s Golf Day, to be held at Gulf Harbour Country Club on Friday 1 April. “I’m really looking forward to that one,” says Erin. “It’s being held three days before the course is used for a PGA event there and it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Challenges such as a marshmallow drive and striking a ball out of a paddling pool are sure to provoke plenty of banter, alongside the more serious side of the game. It’s a mix that speaks of Erin’s wish to bring her sense of fun to the role alongside her strong work ethic and, of course, her love of the Shore and its people.