• Paul & Pam Bayer (left) with the 2020 AIMES Sports Scholarship Award Winners, AIMES Judging Chair Sue Stanaway and NHC President Phil Brosnan.

Sponsoring a window to the world for youth

Born and bred Shore resident Pam Bayer met her husband Paul when he moved to the Shore as a teenager. The pair were high school sweethearts at Northcote College. Now grandparents, the couple behind Vantage Windows and Doors North Shore live near Takapuna and generously sponsor the recently established scholarships element of the AIMES Award programme.

It was in the early 2000s that Paul and Pam were first introduced to the North Harbour Club, invited to attend the AIMES Awards by Pam’s sister, Lesley Monk. Paul says Lesley’s husband Gary encouraged them to join. “Gary pushed us into it,” smiles Paul. “We were also spurred on by the obvious impact the North Harbour Club has on Shore Youth,” he adds.

Paul, it seems, has a thing for the letter ‘p’. “I believe everyone should have what I call ‘The Three Ps’: Passion, Purpose and a Partner. For me, my passion is the outdoors, my purpose is my business, which funds me to enjoy my love of the outdoors, and my partner – Pam.

“The first two ‘ps’ are particularly relevant for all people but, in particular, young ones growing up and being successful in their chosen field.”

Another ‘p-word’ there have been many of during the couple’s time with the North Harbour Club are positives. “They’re a pretty positive bunch of people to be around, the North Harbour Club lot,” says Paul. “It’s a good mix of people to be involved with. We don’t necessarily do it for the profile, but it certainly doesn’t do your business profile any harm!”

Pam says, “The North Shore has always been a big part of our lives. Having three adult children of our own, we understand the importance of young ones being involved in activities and the huge financial support that requires. The North Harbour Club does a great job in supporting the aims of youth and we wanted to be a part of that.”

The Scholarship category was originally established in 2019 purely for atheletes in the sports category. However, two years on, the positive impact has grown to encompass all categories of the AIMES Awards spectrum - Arts, Innovation, Music, Education, Service to the Community and Sport. Upgrading the sponsorship and increasing the scholarships programme will see Vantage Windows & Doors North Shore make an impact in the lives of young people in the North Harbour region keen to pursue their dreams. “We saw the need for AIMES applicants that didn’t quite make the grade to receive the main awards to also be recognised and to be spurred on to continue working hard towards furthering themselves in their chosen fields,” says Pam. "I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the judging process last year - looking forward to being involved again this year!"

Recognising they’re fortunate to be in a thriving field of work in the building sector, given the global challenges of 2020, Paul is keen they give back where they can. “We’re very lucky - where we live, and the business we’re in. We should try to enjoy it while we can!”

And enjoying life for the Bayers, in 2021, means riding their e-bikes, getting out in nature and on the water, and spending time with their family – the newest member being grandchild number three, who is just four weeks old.  

Paul & Pam (Right) with the 2019 AIMES Sports Scholarship Award Winners, AIMES Judging Chair Sue Stanaway and NHC President Phil Brosnan