• Aidan Bennett (left, holding the Sir Peter Blake Trophy), with good friend and North Harbour Club Life Member Gary Monk during the presentation of the AIMES Supreme Award in November 2017.

Proudly Rewarding Excellence

President's Message

Welcome to our 2018 issue of Northside magazine, our 14th edition. In this annual magazine we proudly highlight the achievements of our AIMES Award winners and the great work that the North Harbour Club is doing in the community north of the Harbour Bridge.

For the past three years I have had the double honour of both being the publisher (a role I have had for 14 years) and also leading the organisation as the President of the North Harbour Club and Charitable Trust. This latter role comes to an end this year as a result of the healthy rotation policy we have established to ensure fresh leadership comes through as the organisation evolves. So please excuse all the official photos of me in the magazine – this is the last year this will happen!
As you will discover in these pages, the North Harbour Club is a group of leaders in the North Harbour region. The founders established the club in 1995 ‘for the good of the region’ and that remains the strong focus 23 years on. We are unashamedly parochial, we have fun at the many events during the year, but a clear focus remains on rewarding excellence. This is primarily through the AIMES Awards for youngsters 25 years and under, and also through the North Harbour Business Hall of Fame.
I have loved every minute of the 14 years I have been coordinating this magazine. It is a time of the year when I get to contact all the youngsters we have given AIMES Awards to and ask them for reports on their progress. It always warms my heart to see what they are achieving and the difference the North Harbour Club has made to their lives. What is always evident as well is the strong support that these young people have from their families and support networks. I take my hat off to the parents, caregivers and others who are guiding and inspiring these outstanding young people. They would not be achieving without this support.
As President of the club I also want to say a big thank you to all our sponsors. They are well documented in these pages and most have been with us for the two decades. They are integral to allowing us to do what we do.
So sit back and enjoy the read. We publish Northside with Channel Magazine, we print standalone copies and this year we have also set up a brand new online version of the magazine called NorthsideLive (northsidelive.co.nz). As the name suggests this is a constantly live version that will be updated during the year with all the news from the North Harbour Club, its members and awards winners.
Aidan Bennett. QSM
President, North Harbour Club and Charitable Trust
Email: aidan@benefitz.co.nz

Fourteenth Annual Issue 2017/18