• Richard Pilley (second from left) and representatives of Milford Asset Management at the 2021 North Harbour Business Hall of Fame dinner.

Pilley proudly backs business big-hitters!

Richard Pilley took over the reins of Milford Asset Management’s long-standing relationship with the North Harbour Club from fellow member Mike Cruikshank. He is pleased and proud of his company’s backing of the North Harbour Business Hall of Fame.

British-born Richard says, “The North Harbour Club is a well-run and well-supported organisation, which provides members with great opportunities to connect both socially and business-wise. It takes its role seriously, whilst at the same time, making the events fun and friendly, which encourages people to come back for more.

“They have a great track record of bringing people together and making a huge contribution to the local community. The club's activities and charitable giving are well thought out and effective and these are all qualities Milford admires and looks for when supporting an organisation.

Nominations are now open for 2022 inductees to the North Harbour Business Hall of Fame, which is sponsored by Milford Asset Management.

“This is an important event for us to support,” says Richard. “At Milford we love celebrating success, and the Business Hall of Fame is the ultimate celebration of success in the North Shore region. I am always incredibly impressed by the stories of the inductees' roads to success and their contribution to the community. We are very happy to be involved in the acknowledgement of those individuals.   

“These are always great events, well organised and inspiring. I think my favourite was the first one I attended in 2017 at the Wharf, Northcote Point, which is a great venue. It was expertly MC'd by Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl). Musical entertainment was provided by two very talented AIMES award recipients; Miller Christiansen-Yule and Henry Meng. Everyone that attended came away from the event buzzing and inspired.”

As well as being excited about a much-awaited trip to the UK later this year, and the chance to visit his US-based daughter along the way, Richard is also buzzing about his involvement in a new, very North Shore-sounding, project. “The Milford Foundation was born out of a desire to make a significant positive impact for the communities of New Zealand,” he explains.

“Given the growth and position of strength Milford Asset Management is in today, we are committed to making a meaningful impact through our chosen pillars of youth, education and the environment. Through the proven investment expertise, analytical skills and focus on efficiency, effectiveness and transparency, combined with the skills of our external specialist directors, we believe we are creating something very special.”

“I'm excited to be a part of the executive team of the Milford Foundation as I truly believe we can make a huge impact over the coming years. If anyone would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me.”

For updates on Milford Asset Management, members can read the company's 'Month in a Minute', the latest is here: https://milfordasset.com/insights/month-in-a-minute-march-2022

Club members are also reminded to nominate a pillar of local business to join the North Harbour Business Hall of Fame this year (nominations close on May 27). Please nominate here: