Getting To Know: Becky West

Introducing Becky West, a founding NeXt member and one of our newest Trustees voted on to the General Committee at our recent AGM.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a born and bred Aucklander, moving to the North Shore when I was 14. I attended Kristin School from Kindy right the way through to Year 13, then going on to study at the University of Auckland where I graduated with a double major Bachelor of Science degree. My formative years were largely spent competing as a Track & Field Athlete where I represented NZ, until an injury took me away from the sport. I somehow ended up in banking, where currently I am a Commercial Partner at BNZ. I have been at BNZ for just over 6 years now and it is an amazing company to work for!

I met my partner Dan 3 years ago and we live together in Milford along with our new kittens (photo below as requested by so many at the AGM!) I got agreement for one kitten but somehow came home with two! Our favourite thing to do on the North Shore on the weekends (on the rare occasion Dan is not playing cricket) is to get a nice coffee and walk along Takapuna Beach or the coastal walk between Takapuna & Milford.

How long have you been involved with the North Harbour Club?
I have been a member of the NHC for just over a year now, and attending events for the past two years. My favourite event would have to be the AIMES Awards Gala Dinner or the Charity Lunches, definitely not to be missed now there are only two per year!

How have you and your team navigated the challenges of 2020 and getting back in to ‘normal’ business?
It’s certainly been a very busy time in the banking sector ensuring we are supporting our existing clients to navigate such an uncertain time for them, as well as working with new clients and professionals as opportunities arise. I think there is still a lot of uncertainty to come so being surrounded with good quality advisors is key. Work life balance was a bit out of whack during lockdown but everyone stayed very well connected and most people have taken some annual leave to recharge and get out and support our local economy!

Are there any lifestyle changes you made during lockdown that you are going to continue on with… or any that need to be left behind!?
Definitely to enjoy a slower pace of life a bit more often and to remember to appreciate the little things because everything can change so quickly! The regular baking needs to be left behind that’s for sure..or maybe even just reduced!

Any exciting plans for the future of your business?
We are due to move into our new Partners Centre at the end of the year up in Albany, which is a beautiful space open to our customers as well, so that’s exciting!

What do you want to do as a NHC Trustee?
I am  excited to join the NHC Trust Board and I bring a pre-existing passion for the club. I have an eagerness to keep the club tradition alive as well as ideas to ensure it remains THE club of the North Harbour region for residents and businesspeople alike. I think Events and Sponsorship might be where I can add the most value, but I'm happy to help out wherever needed!

Your favourite place to dine in the North Harbour region.
Ooh that’s a tough one, dining out is certainly a love of mine but if I had to choose it would be Tokyo Bay and Soho for dinner or Honey and Zomer for brunch!