Catching up with George Muir

2013 AIMES Emerging Talent Winner George Muir might've had his year of International Hockey cancelled, however has been busy working with AIMES Winners Network Sponsor Simpson Western...


It’s been a while since you won your AIMES Award, what did the award mean for you and what did the funding enable you to do?

The award was a really cool piece of recognition for me at that age, to be a part of the evening and see the calibre of north shore talent was incredible. The funding helped me get to the Junior Hockey World Cup in New Delhi.

What have you been up since your award?

Since the award I’ve been playing for the Black Sticks. I’ve notched up 139 tests and the highlight being a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games. I also did a slightly extended law and commerce degree and have been working at Simpson Western as a solicitor since graduating. 

It’s been great to see you at some of our Club events recently, are there any that you have particularly enjoyed?

I’ve really enjoyed the alumni events, it’s such a humbling evening catching up with everyone and hearing all the amazing things the AIMES crew have been getting up to. 

Are you in touch with other AIMES Alumni?

I see a lot of what other Alumni are up to on social media and regularly see lots of the sports winners. I’ve seen a bit of Liam Stone who won an emerging talent the same year as me. I am often in the gym whilst Livi and Eliza are flying high at the indoor track. Always enjoy seeing the Rosmini winners such as Joey Bergin and Moses. 

Simpson Western have a long history with the North Harbour Club as members, supporters and sponsors.  Tell us about your role with Simpson Western...

The first I ever heard of Simpson Western was at the NHC events and I always kept an eye out for them whilst I was at University. In my later years I googled Gary as id seen him at the events and got in contact - this led to two extremely valuable summers clerking there learning and meeting the team. Now I’m working there full time and they have always been really supportive of all my hockey commitments which has allowed me to build a career outside of sport. 

Last year was a trying time for us all - what did your year look like, what did the lockdown and lack of travel opportunities etc mean for you?

Last year was crazy - we had a meeting 3 days before a 5 week European tour where they started talking about cancelling because of COVID which we thought was a massive over reaction.. 5 days later we realised had we got on the flight we would’ve had to get in a plane and come straight home and isolate! From there the whole year was cancelled and we still haven’t played a test match since. I kept busy with study in the lockdown and found a job as a pharmacy courier driver to nursing homes and retirements villages! 

Do you have exciting plans on the horizon?

2021 is all about Tokyo for us. All of my training is focused on trying to make the final selection for this and contribute to a really successful campaign for the Blacksticks. 

When we get back to travelling again, where in the world will you be going?

I’ve been eyeing up some surf trips in Bali/ Sri Lanka!