Catching up with Caitlin O'Reilly

2017 AIMES Junior Excellence Award Winner Swimming Foveaux

Yesterday we all watched with baited breathe as 16 year old, Carmel College student and 2017 AIMES Junior Excellence Award Winner, Caitlin O’Reilly was nearing the end of an epic 10hr 25min non-wetsuit swim across Foveaux Strait.

The successful crossing earned Caitlin the title of youngest person to ever complete the 3 Crowns – Cook Strait (youngest New Zealander at the age of 12), 40.2km Length of Lake Taupo & now Foveaux.

Covid put a hold on the international swims Caitlin had planned this year so she has had to adapt to keep realising her dreams. Struggling for sponsorship to cover the costs of a documentary, her family, friends and swimming community have rallied around Caitlin to assist with this journey - we can't wait to see the finished film and soak up in the excitement all over again!














This year she was off to conquer the world and complete some of the 7 Ocean swims. Unfortunately Covid put a halt to those plans.

She has a fear of sharks & the dark. Well the dark wasn’t going to be a worry for this swim, and luckily sharks weren't a concern either.

Listen to Caitlin's interview on Radio New Zealand....