Catching up with AIMES Alumni Ian Lim

Ian was the recipient of the 2017 AIMES Emerging Talent Award in 2017, sponsored by Bellingham Wallace

Where were you during the lockdown and what did your ‘bubble’ look like?
I moved back in with my parents for the lockdown, so my bubble was my family including my elder brother and younger sister. It has been fantastic to be back living on the North Shore and in the Devonport-Takapuna local area. I hadn’t realised it while I was out flatting in Remuera, but I have really missed the wonderful community here and being so proximate to Milford beach and the Takapuna town centre. It truly is great to be back!

Were you mostly working from home? How did you manage this? Did you develop any new work/life habits that you’d like to continue?
Yes, I was mostly studying from home for my final semester of university. It wasn’t a significant change for me, given that I largely studied from online materials even during the regular semesters. I have gotten back into distance running, which I would like to continue. My favourite route is the circa 6km circuit from home in Forrest Hill to Milford beach and back. It is very energising and certainly validates the old “active body, focussed mind” adage.

What did you find the most difficult and what have you learnt from this?
Like most people, I found motivation to study and work difficult to come by. Operating out of my bedroom all day, every day for the lockdown period got onerous very quickly. It is remarkable how much of an impact being in the right physical space can have on our ability to feel inspired, focussed and ready to take on the world! This reminded me of my favourite belief that success is the outcome of deliberate actions. In this case, success comes from knowing how you function and setting yourself up in the right environments - ones that stimulate your thinking, your creativity, your discipline, your talents and your senses!

What aspects of the lockdown did you enjoy?
Being back at home and having my meals cooked for me was definitely a big plus! All the spare time also allowed me to attempt new dishes, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My signature creations are a chicken and mushroom fettuccine, and pork and napa cabbage dumplings.

Ian and his team mates (Geoffrey, Ainsleigh & Olivia) at the 2020 Champtions Trophy Case Competition at The University of Auckland Business School

What have you been doing for the last year?
The past year has been incredibly busy, but also tremendously rewarding. The highlights for me were supporting the ongoing development of Shore Junction (which is now just weeks away from opening!) and competing for The University of Auckland at the international 2020 Champions Trophy Case Competition hosted by our Business School. I also finished up on an amazing 2 years at Bellingham Wallace under Matthew Bellingham, Aaron Wallace and Mike Atkinson, and tried my hand at management consulting at EY over the summer.

Any other insights?
We will be confirming an opening date for Shore Junction shortly. I know the North Harbour Club and many of you have either very generously supported or taken a keen interest in this community-led, cross-sector collaboration. There will be further communication surrounding a launch and other events in the coming weeks, but in the unlikely case that it doesn’t reach you and you would like to visit, please do get in touch! It would be our absolute honour and privilege to show you around Shore Junction - where ideas collide and future paths forge.