• Nicolette Bodewes at the BEN Breakfast event, a series sponsored by Schnauer & Co Lawyers. L-R: Ken Noble, Jan Nichols, Nicolette Bodewes, Kate Thompson

Bringing Bays barrister Bodewes to the Board

Bringing fresh perspective to the North Harbour Club Board this coming year is Nicolette Bodewes. Barrister Nicolette has lived on the Shore, in Castor Bay, for over 17 years. Being part of the North Harbour Club began for her with Schnauer & Co's corporate membership and Nicolette, a director, has now chosen to offer her valuable input as a trustee.

“I think the goal that the Club is trying to achieve in supporting young people in the North Harbour region is wonderful,” says Nicole. “As a practice, and as people, I feel we have a duty to give back to our community.” And Nicolette has given back in many ways through charitable work – she is deputy chair of Harbour Hospice among other involvements - and was keen to reply in the affirmative when asked by Club President Phil Brosnan to step onto the Board.

Her admiration for not only the achievements of the AIMES Awards winners, but their attitude and character is one of Nicolette’s driving forces behind her involvement in the Club. “The AIMES Awards, showcasing the talents of New Zealand youth here on the Shore, are incredible. These young people are amazing. Each year, I’m always in awe.

"I’ve been struck not only by the incredible talent, and the range of areas in which young people excel, but by their personalities and their gratitude. It really is a pleasure to watch them grow and progress over the years.”

Character fascinates Nicolette, as a psychology, as well as law, graduate. Since completing her studies at the University of Auckland, and moving to the Shore from West Auckland, she has carved out a career that has seen her specialise in family law. An expert in her field, Nicolette has appeared in New Zealand’s High Court, as well as district and family court and now leads Schnauer’s family law team, as well as being a director of the Takapuna practice.

Nicolette and her Dutch husband Herman (Nicolette was born in New Zealand to Dutch parents) enjoy spending time with their two grandchildren, aged six and eight, when work schedules allow. Gardening, reading and movie-watching are favourite ways to relax in her rare spare time. Covid-related lockdowns have challenged sociable Nicolette who has recognised just how much she enjoys the company of others and the interaction of working in an office. She is looking forward to reuniting with fellow members of the North Harbour Club and enjoying events again, this time as a trustee of the organisation.