• Fay Mason, Lousie Galbraith.
  • Max Abbott, Aidan Bennett, Steve Corbett.
  • Michelle Bennett, Sue Noble.

After 5 at AUT University North Shore

North Harbour Club members Professor Max Abbott and Steve Corbett hosted this After 5 at their AUT University North Shore campus on Akoranga Drive. The campus has a number of world leading researchers in neuro science, brain analysis, brain recovery, stroke rehabilitation. Stroke being the No2 cause of death and disability world wide and increasing. Attendees learnt about some great work around brain research at the North Shore Campus of AUT University. Leading AUT researchers Dr Valery Feigin and Dr Nada Signal demonstrated how AUT is taking its research global to help other countries as well as New Zealand. They also provided insights on how a team of engineers, clinicians and neuroscientists are translating the neuroscience knowledge into a viable devices for a global market.

Fourteenth Annual Issue 2017/18